Open Discussion on AI/ML with Industry Experts

Dec 5, 2020, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Virtual event

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Meet the Experts

The discussion on AI/ML/DS impact is moderated by Rukhsh Ali, Project Manager at Cridio Studio, and panelists are instructed to share their personal stories, opinions and experiences. Here's quick rundown of the expert panel: 

Mazhar Javed | Assistant Professor (UMT) | Data Scientist Trainer & Consultant | Big Data Analytics | Machine & Deep Learning| NLP

Dr. Syed Hassan Amin | Data Science | Artificial Intelligence | Business Intelligence | Trainer/Mentor | Technology Leader | 2X Kaggle Expert

Mehak Narmeen | Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM | Senior Consultant at AlphaBold | Data Scientist

The challenges of 2020 are no secret with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world has seen and experienced economic downfalls, infrastructure impacts, health concerns and more. We are constantly living in ever-changing times that pivot with each new discovery, and businesses and organizations across the world are relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an innovative technology to help guide them through the many challenges the global pandemic presents.

In this virtual event hosted by the CMX Connect Lahore Chapter is going to discuss it with industry experts, A group of experts in the field of AI/ML discuss how this technology has impacted the world today. 


  • Mazhar Javed

    University of Management & Technology

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Syed Hassan Amin

    i2c Inc.

    Director Technology

  • Mehak Narmeen


    Senior Consultant


  • Rukhsh Ali

    Cridio Studio

    Project Manager

Connect Hosts

  • Abdullah Ramzan

    PeachPay, Inc.

    Senior Software Engineer (Product Veteran)

  • Rukhsh Ali

    Cridio Studio

    Community Manager

  • Samia Zulfiqar

    UX Director




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