A Decade of Community Building for Impact and Fun - a Fireside Chat with Laura Gluhanich


May 3, 2019, 12:00 – 2:00 AM

Join us for our inaugural CMX Connect Denver event, for a fireside chat with a Community Pro Laura Gluhanich, who has been building for companies large and small, and is behind behind such iconic communities as Silent Book Club, Ning and About.Me. We will delve into hard-earned lessons around building impactful communities for both work and passion projects -- and how to create space for both.

About this event

We are thrilled to spend an hour chatting with Laura Gluhanich, someone who has built, ran and grown a multitude of communities. Having perfected her craft at such community focused organizations as Ning and About.Me, Laura extended her craft into her passion for reading and co-founded the Silent Book Club, which is a thriving community with 40 IRL chapters and a burgeoning Facebook group. She currently works at Google, where she pursues her passion for building programs that develop people, with a lens towards diversity and inclusion.

In this fireside chat, we will have an honest and eye opening conversation around what it really takes to build a successful community and drive organizational change. We will explore how building community for a passion project is similar and different from building a community in a business context. We will dive into best practices in community organizing, with an eye towards decentralized leadership development, diversity and inclusion. We've learned some hard learned lessons along the way, and hope to share them with you so you can learn from our successes and learning experiences. 

After a brief discussion, we will take lots of questions from the audience (we want it to be really interactive and useful to all attendees!). After the main program, we will wrap up with key lessons learned and facilitate a fun activity to get us all thinking about next steps in our Community journeys.


  • Laura Gluhanich

    Google, Silent Book Club


  • Maria Ogneva

    FinancialForce, Director of Community

    CMX Denver Connect Host



Friday, May 3, 2019
12:00 AM – 2:00 AM UTC


12:00 AMCheck in and mingle
12:30 AMFireside Chat and audience Q&A
1:30 AMWrap up and Activity


  • Maria Ogneva

    FinancialForce, Director of Community

    CMX Denver Connect Host

Connect Host

  • Lori Goldman

    Chia Network

    Community Manager


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