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CMX Connect events are about harnessing the incredible power of community. This program fulfils the need for community professionals to come together in-person and learn, grow, and, well… Connect!

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Upcoming events

Oct 4, 2023

CMX HQ Conference - Tickets

CMX Summit 2023: Shine

Join us for CMX Summit 2023 on October 4-5th to unlock the full potential of your community. With insightful conversations, dynamic presentations, and interactive workshops, you'll leave with the knowledge, skill sets, and connections needed to create a community that shines. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your community to new heights!

Past events

CMX Connect

Podcasting for Community Managers with Brianna Jovahn, MBA

CMX Connect

Managing Gaming Communities with Chris Miles, Control Zee

CMX Connect

LinkedIn Essentials for Community Builders: A Fireside Chat with JD Gershbein

CMX Connect

A Fireside Chat With Discourse Co-CEO Sarah "Hawk" Hawk



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