Intro to Web 3.0 for Community Builders

Nov 16, 2021, 6:00 – 8:30 PM


Virtual event

About this event

At CMX, we are here to introduce the community to the future. 

As some community professionals embrace the change, others are hesitant to invest time into the new innovation. Community professionals are attempting to identify the thought leaders in the space, determine what information is legitimate, all while protecting their members from misinformation.

Web 3.0 is an emerging decentralized ecosystem that has acquired a lot of attention as of late. At Intro to Web 3.0 for Community Builders, you will get first-hand knowledge of how to incorporate this new trend into your community. This is your primer to Web 3.0, straight from CMX.

You will learn:

  • Web 3.0 basics - hey we all need to start somewhere!
  • The potential behind Web 3.0 and why it’s the future
  • Community management roles in the Web 3.0 space
  • Networking on a variety of Web 3.0 topics
  • and more!

This event is intended to provide insight into how community professionals can thrive in the next phase of digital advancement, Web 3.0, and dedicated to educating community professionals on the newest digital distributor in town!

Join us for Intro to Web 3.0 for Community Builders on Tuesday, November 16 at 10 AM. We will be talking about all things Web 3.0: Crypto, NFTs, DAOs, Blockchain and more.


  • Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee



  • Cooper Turley



  • Tiffany Zhong



  • Jeremiah Owyang

    Kaleido Insights

    Technology Analyst

  • David Spinks


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