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Communities change the world.

CMX Events invite community professionals from around the world  to participate in discussions and workshops, learn techniques and tactics, and hear from industry thought leaders and heroes. 

Gain insights from the best in the community industry and make real life connections with your peers.

We hope this content helps other organizations understand the massive opportunity in front of them to build community, that impacts the lives of their members while driving their business goals. We hope this content helps level up the community industry as a whole.

Upcoming events

25 jul 2024

CMX HQ Virtual Conference - RSVP

AI July

How can we leverage AI to elevate humanity and empower the human race? Through meaningful dialogue and collaboration at this virtual conference, we'll discover that the answer lies in community. Join us at AI in July and together we'll explore ways to harness the collective wisdom and creativity of our industry to drive positive change and shape a brighter future.

24 abr 2025

CMX HQ In Person Conference

CMX Summit 2025

Join us for CMX Summit 2025, the Conference for Community Building Experience the world’s leading event for community professionals where connections spark into opportunities, ideas come to life, and communities thrive!



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