CMX's Year End Celebration: Victories and What to Expect in 2023


Tue, Dec 13, 6:00 PM (UTC)

CMX invites you to our Year End Celebration where we'll celebrate and share the journeys of our select panel of community leaders, as well as hear their insights on what trends to expect in 2023. Come and share your journey as we celebrate and end the year together!

About this event

Here we are at the end of 2022 - time sure does fly by!

CMX will be hosting a Year End Celebration on December 13th as an opportunity to gather, share our reflections on our wins, our losses, and lessons learned. We want to take this time to celebrate how we've grown as leaders in the community, so come and join us as we hear from our panel of leaders in the community space to hear their stories and what trends they're expecting to see in the year of 2023!

We'll also be hosting a time of networking so that we can hear from YOU on how you've grown this past year. Don't miss this opportunity to reflect, share your experiences, and celebrate as we end the year together! 


  • Colleen Curtis

    Reddit, Inc.

    Head of Community Growth

  • Shira Re'em


    Head of Community Success

  • Tiffany Oda

    Co-Founder, Community OPServations and The CommOpsGal


  • Jeffrey Roe


    Senior Community Manager & CMX Connect Host (Tampa Bay)


  • Jessica Hobbs


    Director of Community Programming

  • SueJean Kang


    Senior Events Manager





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