CMX Summit 2021: Rise

Aug 31 - Sep 2, 2021, 9:45 AM (PDT)

About this event

We are excited to officially welcome you to CMX Summit 2021! From August 31–September 2, get ready for three jam-packed days of speakers, hands-on workshops, and networking with the world’s largest group of community builders — all the content you need to build thriving communities.

This year’s theme for CMX Summit is Rise. This is a pivotal time for the community industry. Amid massive changes resulting from the pandemic, it is more critical than ever before for businesses to build communities of customers, employees, and partners. In the The 2021 Community Industry Report, 85% of organizations said that community had a positive impact on their objectives.

To ensure community continues to deliver value for organizations, at this year’s conference you will hear from industry leaders on:

  • The Rise of Community-Driven Business: The era of community-driven business is here. Community is a key competitive advantage and the future of successful brands. How can organizations leverage community to its fullest potential?
  • Charting the Community Path: Community is carving out its own distinct department and seat at the C-suite table. Learn how today’s community professionals are paving the road for tomorrow.
  • Community, Culture, and Innovation: Creator communities. Cryptocurrencies. Diversity, equity, and inclusion. Belonging. Get a front-row seat to see how community is driving innovation across business and culture.

Like last year, there will be a 100% virtual component to CMX Summit 2021. (We hope to see some of you in person as well — stay tuned!) And like last year, it's 100% free. Our goal is to elevate the community at as many companies as possible. That’s why this year, the Workshop Day is part of your free ticket.

Join us to celebrate the rise of community and help shape the industry’s future. 

See you at CMX Summit: Rise! 

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  • Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

    Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel


    Event Manager

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    Head of Community

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