CMX Masterclass: 10 Easy Ways to Make Community Building a Whole Company Effort

Oct 27, 2022, 7:00 – 8:00 PM


Join community management expert, Sarah Greisdorf, on Thursday, October 27th at 12pm PT, for a CMX Masterclass to discover 10 easy ways to make community building a whole community effort.

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About this event

Is your company truly community led, or are you solely engaging with your community as their community manager? 

Intended for community managers, this 60-minute Masterclass will focus on how to engage with your community members, company-wide. Learn 10 easy ways to bridge the connection between your community and your colleagues to significantly increase the touch points your colleagues have with your community and vice versa.

Sections in the Masterclass will include:

  • Make the options for how your colleagues can engage with the community really easy with a "how to work with our community" deck

  • Create positive feedback loops by actively sharing community discourse with those who are building products and campaigns

  • Pick a few compelling data points to hammer home the value of your community

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  • Sarah Greisdorf


    Community Manager


  • SueJean Kang


    Senior Events Manager

Virtual event