AI July

Jul 25, 4:00 – 7:30 PM


This event is an opportunity for anyone interested in AI to learn more about how it works, the implications it has on our work and world, and most importantly: how you can start using it to make your life easier today. If you're in Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Product Management, Development, AI/ML, or Community - Join us!

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About this event

At AI July, we'll dive deep into practical applications, ethical considerations, and theoretical frameworks of artificial intelligence, all with the aim of empowering you to harness its potential in your day-to-day operations.

RSVP now to get things done better, faster, and with less effort while solidifying your understanding of and contributing your perspective to the AI-powered future that is here now.

At the heart of our event lies a central question: How can we leverage AI to elevate humanity and empower the human race? Through five meaningful sessions spanning key areas of tech, we'll discover that the answer lies in community. Together, we'll explore ways to harness the collective wisdom and creativity of individuals and communities to drive positive change and shape a brighter future.

We'll explore the intersection of AI and industry from multiple perspectives. Our diverse lineup of speakers will include thought leaders and practitioners from various sectors, offering invaluable insights and real-world experiences. While some sessions will delve into the moral and ethical dimensions of AI implementation, the primary focus will be on practical use cases and actionable strategies. Learn from those who have successfully integrated AI into their organizations, and gain practical tips on how to navigate the complexities of this rapidly evolving technology.

If you're in Community, Marketing, Development, Program/Project Management, Customer Success, Sales, AI/ML, Leadership, or just curious about AI - Join us! Dive into the opportunities Artificial Intelligence is presenting to all of us.

Join us to unlock the full potential of AI to create a better world for all!


  • DeMario Bell

    Culture Amp

  • Mallika Gargeya


  • Yizel Vizcarra


  • Pramod Rao

  • Kento Morita

    Google - Gemini

  • Derek Anderson




  • Aaron Weiss

  • Beth McIntyre



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