3 User Group Program Managers Reveal the Secrets to Their Success

Jan 18, 2022, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Chapter & UG programs

Virtual event
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About this event

How do you grow a sustainable user group program? What are the best approaches for managing your chapter community? Learn from leaders from Elementor , UiPath, and Techqueria — both of whom are CMX Industry Award nominated. They will share the secrets to their approaches that make them one of the top community managers working today.

Unfamiliar with community user groups and chapter programs? This is a great opportunity to discover why user groups are becoming a central part of organizations’ customer relationship strategy. User and chapter programs are a great way to get product feedback, enable your customers to support each other, and steward enthusiastic advocates.


  • Tali Vasilevsky


    Local Communities Manager

  • Jasmin Gonzalez


    Community Marketing Director

  • Corina Gheonea


    Director, UiPath Community


  • Elijah van der Giessen


    Community Manager

Connect Hosts

  • Drew Frey (Zendesk)


    Senior Manager, User Community Programs

  • Kat Jarvis

    Senior Community Consultant, IBM TechXchange Community

    Sr Community Consultant, IBM TechXchange Community

Virtual event