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Unfamiliar with community user groups and chapter programs? This is a great opportunity to discover why user groups are becoming a central part of organizations’ customer relationship strategy. User and chapter programs are a great way to get product feedback, enable your customers to support each other, and steward enthusiastic advocates.

The CMX Connect program fulfills the need for community professionals to come together, learn, grow, and, well… Connect! 
If you are a Community Manager specialist or beginner in Community events, User-groups, or local chapters, these events are for you!

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Upcoming events

27 mar 2024

CMX Connect

Session 3: Aaron Weiss' Guide to Tripling Event Attendance

Join us for our next exciting webinar featuring Aaron Weiss, an expert in community-led strategies at Procore. Dive into Aaron's wealth of knowledge and experience in community building and learn how to triple your user group attendance.

25 abr 2024

CMX HQ Conference - Tickets

CMX Summit 2024

The Conference for Community Building

Past events

CMX Connect

Session 1: Cassie Mayes (Atlassian) on Fueling Community Growth through Events

CMX HQ Virtual Conference - RSVP

CMX Summit 2023: ReShine

CMX HQ Conference - Tickets

CMX Summit 2023: Shine

CMX HQ Virtual Event

CMX Masterclass: Dealing with Toxicity in Online Communities



Drew Frey (Zendesk)

Senior Manager, User Community Programs

Kat Jarvis

Sr Community Consultant, IBM TechXchange Community
Senior Community Consultant, IBM TechXchange Community