Chris Anderson

  • Guru, Director of Community Learning & Love
  • Philadelphia
  • Internet
Community · Artificial intelligence · saas · events · user groups · conference organizing

About Me

I developed a passion for bringing people together when I was 16 years old, when I started organizing and promoting punk shows and hip-hop events. I didn't make a penny at this, but had a blast organizing events, working at concert venues, and tour managing throughout high school and college. After studying public relations at Temple University in Philadelphia, I co-founded a bootstrapped technology startup and worked on growing that company over the next eight years. There I cut my teeth in sales, customer support, CX, operations, and people management. In 2014, when I was nearing burnout, I left my company and went on to pursue another passion of mine - improving K-12 education for marginalized students most in need. I led customer support, community & events at an amazing ed-tech company in Oakland, CA (Schoolzilla) for a little over three years, where I learned all about building an online and offline community, running conferences and events programs, and the importance of nurturing the culture of an organization. Now back in Philadelphia, I lead community & events at Guru - a software platform that unifies companies' internal knowledge, verifies its accuracy, and empowers teams to deliver best-in-class customer service and drive revenue. Outside of work, I'm on the leadership team of TEDxPhiladelphia, and spend just about all of my free time with my wife and two kids, and a handful of friends I've stayed close with since high school and college. I can't wait to connect with other community builders in Philadelphia through CMX Connects!