Juliana Beretta

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About Me

I'm a restless woman, mother of Chico and Pedro, educator by training and heart. The essence of my service to the world is CARE. On a journey of cycles between undertaking and work for a large organization for many years, was in the certifications and studies in Design Thinking, Flownomy, Facilitation of Learning Spaces (KaosPilot), Design of Experiences, Theory U and Thinking Environment that I realized myself as a multi-potential professional who needs to create, innovate and challenge herself all the time. With the energy and courage that only a woman mother has, today I live in practice the passion for facilitation and innovation as part of a squad at Embracon Consortium, one of the largest companies in Brazil in the financial segment, where I am Facilitator of Innovation. I continue to undertake @encontreria, a (un)learning consultancy that designs and facilitates experiences through the human encounter technology - for people, organizations and communities.