Martin Tatar

Community building · public speaking · rock climbing · video editing

About Me

Hey! I take pleasure in doing what others say is impossible; always looking at how things can be done. I am a creative individual dedicated to creating success stories coupled with positive community experiences. Growing up in an international environment enabled me to see the world from a different perspective: the perspective of new emerging technologies and their interconnectedness with local communities. Consequently, I went to study Management of Information Systems and Entrepreneurship at University of Minnesota. In 2012 I joined Microsoft and over the years of working with large enterprises I felt an urge to go back to my roots of community management. As a result of my increased involvement with Microsoft communities I am now fortunate to work with Microsoft’s MVP and RD global community leaders. I am a big fan of CMX and therefore I decided to start a local Czech and Slovak CZSK CMX Connect chapter. Through this chapter I want to offer a space where local community program managers can come together to learn, share, and inspire each other to do more in the community space.