Andreea Sfarlea

  • Yellowfin BI, Senior Global Community Manager
  • Melbourne
  • Computer Software

About Me

I'm a highly-skilled, creative and dedicated digital marketing and communication expert with a passion for developing communities and driving engagement programs and experiences for target audiences. I have extensive and varied professional experience, both independently and in collaborative settings, across several industries and countries. I have designed and managed successful integrated marketing, content and creative initiatives; developed strategic business partnerships at senior levels in business, media and government relations. I created and executed high-level digital marketing and communication campaigns and worked in multiple private-sector markets on three continents. At Yellowfin, I'm building a new branded customer community and everything related to it: platform development, migration, strategies, engagement, gamification, member programs, content sourcing, communication, governance and team management. At Danone, I handled all brand and corporate communication, both digital and traditional, events and media relations, working closely and collaboratively with a range of internal and external stakeholders. At the Group of 100, I was responsible for media and government relations, digital marketing, communication and membership engagement. As a Digital Marketing Freelancer, I offer innovative and impactful solutions to the digital marketing needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits. I love to inspire people and be inspired by other enthusiastic professionals who share a passion for creating impactful outcomes every day. I thrive on non-routine tasks that require social intelligence, complex critical thinking and problem-solving skills.