Tobias Barnes Hofmeister

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About Me

My values are growth and belonging. I believe in the power of community. In times of exponential technologies accelerating the rate of change I am a believer in exponential humanity to ensure this change meets human needs. Human-centric design is the philosophy I approach life with. I love continuous evolution. My journey has taken me from travelling the world, earning degrees from four universities, publishing numerous papers and working in some of the world’s leading energy and digital research organisations into the world of tech entrepreneurship, design thinking, strategy, organizational transformation and ultimately community. I recharge being in nature. The ocean and night sky fascinate me. I love play. My current joys are road biking, honing my trackstand and calisthenics. By the end of this decade I will sail around the world, sharing the experiences of tremendous natural beauty and wonderful communities all across our globe with my sons and the remarkable humans we will meet.