Christian Ehl

Artificial intelligence

About Me

Christian Ehl has a very direct approach to new challenges: Don’t talk. DO! As an activist and entrepreneur he responds to future-forward challenges. His main focus is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on people, companies and our planet. Christian provides compelling answers and solutions to the questions of our time: How might we live, what will people expect and the role of companies in the future. He is an optimistic DOer, using a human-centred approach to new digital capabilities that shape our future. Sharing his experience in numerous books and podcasts Christian also became a spokesperson and expert for Artificial Intelligence. "To survive and thrive in the near-future, our clients will need intelligent, intuitive solutions driven by passionate, purposeful, creative thinkers. This is the human heart of HILLERT NEXT’s mission." – Christian Ehl Christian is founder and managing director of the digital agency HILLERT NEXT, as well as founder and investor in numerous start-ups. He is also a founding member of “Make the Planet Great Again”.