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Os eventos do CMX Connect são sobre aproveitar o poder incrível de comunidades. Esse programa preenche a necessidade de profissionais de comunidade se juntarem presencialmente e aprenderem, crescerem e, bem... Se conectarem!

Leia mais aqui: https://cmxhub.com/the-5-ws-of-cmx-connect/ (Inglês)

Upcoming events

Oct 4, 2023

CMX HQ Virtual Conference - Tickets

CMX Summit 2023: Shine

Join us for CMX Summit 2023 on October 4-5th to unlock the full potential of your community. With insightful conversations, dynamic presentations, and interactive workshops, you'll leave with the knowledge, skill sets, and connections needed to create a community that shines. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your community to new heights!

Past events

CMX HQ Virtual Event

CMX Masterclass: Dealing with Toxicity in Online Communities

CMX HQ Virtual Event

CMX Masterclass: Understanding and Overcoming the 6 Burdens of Community Growth

CMX HQ Virtual Event

CMX Masterclass: Prioritizing DEI in Your Community Building Strategy

Virtual Connect

Building community for multiple audiences at once - nurturing the entire community ecosystem


Samanta Fiorentin

Community Manager
XP Inc.

Thais Calfat

Community Manager

Danilo Picucci

Community Manager
Associação Brasileira de Startups

Marcos Medeiros

Community Manager Latam