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CMX Connect Lisbon is where all the community professionals meet to share their passion, exchange knowledge, experience and ideas. We welcome all the community builders to get to know each other and create amazing things together!

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Upcoming Event

Nov. 20, 2019

Community to scale: working with remote and local communities


We would feature two amazing community specialists, Andreia Tulcidás (Community Manager @ OutSystems) and Isabella de Brito (Community Operations Analyst @ Unbabel) to talk about all about how to develop your remote and local communities. We will have welcome drinks & Networking, the talks (each one around half hour) and Community Discussion / Insights Sharing at the end of it. Join us!

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Past Event


Sept. 24, 2019

Community Management: How to build the best strategy?

Connect Hosts

Fernando Jardim

Fernando Jardim


Community Manager
Isabella de Brito

Isabella de Brito


Community Operations Analyst