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The CMX Connect program fulfils the need for community professionals to come together in-person and learn, grow, and, well… Connect! Are you building or managing a community? These events are for you! Read more here: https://cmxhub.com/the-5-ws-of-cmx-connect/

Community as an industry is taking over the business world. More and more companies are realising the importance of fostering community and focusing on customer to customer marketing as a key channel. 

CMX Connect events are for anyone and everyone who is building or managing a community, large or small, online or off, internal or external, for business or pleasure. 

Connects fulfil the need for people involved in building, managing, and scaling community, to share actionable strategies and advice, and to build a supportive network.

The best way to learn about community is to join one! 

Upcoming Event

March 25, 2020

CMX Connect Ipswich Launch Event!


We are excited to be bringing CMX Connect to Ipswich! More details will follow with speakers and talk topics.

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Connect Host

Ruth Cheesley

Ruth Cheesley


Mautic Community Manager