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The CMX Connect program fulfills the need for community professionals to come together in-person and learn, grow, and, well… Connect! Are you building or managing a community? These events are for you!

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17 ago 2024

CMX Connect

The Role of AI in Building Stronger Communities

Unlock the power of AI to personalize engagement, analyze data, & empower managers. Learn how AI fosters vibrant online communities & empowers inclusivity. Don't miss this session!

1 may 2025

CMX HQ In Person Conference

CMX Summit 2025

Join us for CMX Summit 2025, the Conference for Community Building Experience the world’s leading event for community professionals where connections spark into opportunities, ideas come to life, and communities thrive!

Past events

CMX Connect

Sustaining Momentum: Strategies for New Community Group Leaders

CMX Connect

How Conferences Empower You to Champion Your Community

CMX Connect

Building Thriving Communities from Scratch

Virtual Connect

Leveraging Communities to Grow Your Venture


Rohan Singh

Chapter Director NeuraFlash