How to engage your tribe with virtual events

Sofia, Bulgaria

Mar 16, 2022, 5:00 – 6:30 PM

We are happy to invite you to our first event featuring a guest speaker! Juan Guerra will share with you some great ways to inspire and engage your communities through events. Using his year-long experience in the field, he will make sure to help you become more confident and aligned in your event strategy!

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About this event

Virtual events are a powerful tool to engage and inspire your community. Unfortunately, with all the platforms, formats, and concepts, hosting a professional virtual event still remains a confusing challenge.

In this session, Juan breaks down the process of planning, preparing, and producing a professional virtual event, the most common pitfalls to watch out for in the process, and how the content, more than tech, will make all the difference.

By the end of this talk, you will know:

- How to deliver professional virtual events without getting stuck on

- How to use storytelling to attract, connect, and engage your community

- How to identify and solve bottlenecks in your delivery process

If you are a Community Manager looking to organize a professional virtual event but, feel overwhelmed by the process, intimidated by the technology, or stopped by the idea of how to create a relevant program, then this session is for you.

Free Strategy Session:


Juan helps organizations grow by combining the power of storytelling and live video. Through his company BSEEN, he helps Community Managers inspire their tribe by hosting professional and engaging virtual events.


BSEEN helps Community Managers engage and unify their community with the only hands-on program focused on planning, preparing, and actually producing a professional and engaging Virtual Event without any of the stress of tech.


  • Juan Guerra


    CEO @bseenlive

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  • Lia Mladenova


    Chapter Director

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  • gloria Kayanga

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