A Three-Step Framework for Building a Community Based on Shared Values

Fri, Jan 29, 10:00 AM (EST)

About this event

Eli will discuss why values are such an important tool for community bonding; how to define the purpose of your community and its values and how to continually reconnect your community members to that purpose; how to bake in a sense of ownership for your members so that they feel emotionally invested in the community as a whole; and how to bring it all together at every step of the process so that every member of your community remains invested, engaged, and supported.


  • Eli Trier

    Eli Trier

    Founder, Eli Trier Communities

    Eli Trier lives in the wonderful city of Copenhagen, Denmark, and is a community builder for Quiet Revolutionaries. She helps introverts with big dreams to get connected and build thriving, engaged communities around their businesses so that they can make a massive impact, find their dream clients, and make their corner of the world a better place.

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  • Preetish P

    Preetish P

    Tribe Community Platform


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  • Nick Loconsole

    Nick Loconsole

    Tribe Community Platform

    Director of Sales

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