The Science of Inclusion: Fostering Equitable Virtual Meetings

Apr 26, 2023, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Tampa Bay

Tired of virtual meetings that waste time and leave team members feeling unheard? Then join us as Tex Dworkin, Co-founder and Chief Community Officer at Raddle, shows us how to have equitable, inclusive remote team meetings that are a good use of everyone's time.

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About this event

45-minute session with Q&A to follow

If you're tired of virtual meetings that waste time, where the same few dominate conversations while other team members leave feeling unheard, register for this talk and learn how to have equitable, inclusive remote team meetings that are a good use of everyone's time.

You'll Walk Away With:

  • A thorough understanding of the 'Anatomy of a Successful Virtual Meeting' - a virtual blueprint for equitable, collaborative conversations
  • Knowing why psychological safety and predictability are tantamount to virtual meeting success and how to foster both
  • A clear sense of what a meeting facilitator does and when they do it for optimal meeting success
  • A comprehension of the root causes that lead to dysfunctional meetings and specific solutions you can apply right away to improve your meetings

About the Speaker:

Tex Dworkin is the Co-founder & Chief Community Officer at Raddle and has facilitated hundreds of inclusive collaborative virtual meetings. Raddle builds tools to make virtual meetings more equitable, engaging, and efficient.

"It's important to understand why and how meetings are broken, so we'll cover that before diving into what people can do to immediately improve their meetings in the form of actionable takeaways and tools they can use." -Tex Dworkin

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  • Tex Dworkin


    Co-founder & Chief Community Officer

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  • Jeffrey Roe

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