Business of Belonging Book Tour Stop 3

Silicon Valley

Apr 8, 2021, 10:30 PM – Apr 9, 2021, 12:00 AM

From the fundamental concepts of community strategy—including how community drives measurable business value, and what are the appropriate metrics—to high-level community design—to practical engagement techniques, The Business of Belonging is the guide for every business leader who wants to make community their new competitive advantage.

About this event

The rise of the internet has brought with it an inexorable, almost shockingly persistent drive toward community. From the first social networks to the connected world of today, the need for and value of community have emerged as unavoidable realities. The business world is keeping up, sort of. As business community expert David Spinks shows in The Business of Belonging, the successful brands of tomorrow will be those that create authentic connection, giving customers a sense of real belonging and unlocking unprecedented scale as a result.

So how do we achieve this lofty communitarian goal? Nowhere is the path made clearer than in this book. In his career of over 10 years in the business of building community, Spinks has learned what a winning community strategy looks like. From the fundamental concepts—including how community drives measurable business value, and what the appropriate metrics are—to high-level community design to practical engagement techniques, The Business of Belonging is an epic journey into the world of community building.

This book is for decision makers who want to better understand the value and opportunity of community, and for community professionals who want to level up their strategy. This book will give you a step-by-step model for strategically planning, creating, facilitating, and measuring communities that drive business growth. Attracting and retaining community members who are also loyal customers, brand evangelists, and leaders—that’s the goal for today’s connected businesses, and this book is the map to getting there.

Agenda (Pacific Time):

4:00pm  Welcome
4:05pm  Business of Belonging Presentation with David Spinks
4:40pm  Audience AMA
5:00pm  Live Raffle of Business of Belonging
5:05pm  Wrap-Up
5:10pm   Event End


  • David Spinks


    Co founder


  • Nilay Yener


    DevRel Program Manager

  • Tim Bonnemann


    Community Architect

  • Van Riper


    Open Source Outreach

  • Jeffrey Roe


    Senior Community Manager

Connect Host

  • Teresa Peluso