AI for Community Builders

Mar 7, 8:00 – 9:00 PM

San Francisco

Virtual event

About this event

AI tools for community are increasingly emerging and many offer great opportunities to reduce administration burden, increase engagement and help your community thrive - but how useful is AI for activities that require human creativity and empathy? Or can these be replaced by AI?

​Join this panel with leaders in both AI and Community to hear how AI can help (or disrupt) your community building.


12:00 - 12:10 PT Welcome

​12:10 - 12:40 PT Panel with Jerry Li (CEO of Gradual), Adele Bloch (Founder of Board Walks SF) and Diana Spehar (Founder of Artemis Ethics)

​12:40 - 13:00 PT Networking

About the Panelists

Jerry Li, CEO of Gradual

Jerry Li is the Co-founder & CEO of Gradual, a next-gen commuinty platform that helps enterprises bring all their community activity - events, intros, blogs, videos, forums and more under one roof. Prior to Gradual, Jerry founded ELC, a community dedicated to engineerign leaders (CTO, VP of Engineering, Directors, etc), and scaled it to over 10,000 members globally. Fun fact - Gradual was initially created as an internal tool to suppport the ELC communtity. Prior to ELC, Jerry was the Director of Engineering at Groupon, responsible for its global payment infrasture.

Adele Bloch, Founder of Nova

Adele Bloch is the Founder of Nova, a personal development workshop series that she's building within Buildspace SF. She is also a Product Manager at OpenJoy, which aims to create a more connected world, and has a prior background at Meta, AvantStay, and Doordash. Finally, she is the host of The Board Walk SF, a weekly 5-mile walk at 8 am on Saturdays focused on meaningful conversations with 30+ people.

Diana Spehar, Founder of Artemis Ethics

Diana Spehar brings over a decade of experience within the UK and EU AI and tech ecosystem. She's the Founder of Artemis Ethics which focuses on responsible AI consulting. Prior to launching Artemis, she set up a Data Ethics practice at Sky Group and led Venture Development at Wayra.

About the Host

​Dr Hannah Forbes is the CMX Chapter Director for San Francisco. She is also the CEO of Lima, the AI Community Assistant.

About CMX

​Our mission at CMX is to advance the community industry and help professional community builders thrive. For 10 years CMX has been connecting community professionals. We meet online in our community spaces and at our virtual events, and in person at our annual conference CMX Summit (25/04/24), and at our CMX Connect events around the world.


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    San Francisco Chapter Director

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