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Online Event: Coronavirus and its impact on community and in-person events

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Research Triangle Park
Thu, Mar 19, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

The coronavirus has already had a huge impact on global in-person events. In this online event join other community professionals from around the world as we talk through coronavirus and its impact on community and in-person events.

Online Event Time:
Thursday, March 19, at 6:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada); 22:00 UTC / GMT time.

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Hear from fellow community teams from around the world that are impacted by this and how they are taking steps to address.


1) Ho Yin Cheung the founder of Remo will talk about the impact of the coronavirus in Hong Kong and China. Then talk about their online meeting solution Remo and how it can help transition in-person events online.

2) Deb Mavric and Craig Forman (He / Him) with Culture Amp will talk about the impact it's having on their events.

3) Jacob Peters and Mac Reddin will talk about their new mega Community Manager online conference Comm Chat Summit and how they are making plans.

4) Jesse Davis from AnswerHub will talk from a DevRel perspective on the unique challenges of collaborating between teams and customers.

5) Kevon Cheung, co-founder, and CEO of Toasty will talk about how event technologies that have been focusing on offline events are moving online, and share about how Toasty can help with virtual events.

6) Matt Mecham will update us on the impact they are seeing in the UK.

7) Don Stein the founder and CEO of TEOOH will speak on Virtual Reality Meetups for Communities.

Post-networking event:

Join us after for an exclusive TEOOH virtual reality networking event.

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    Blake Ethridge

    Blake Ethridge


    Community Manager Community Manager at DZone. Passion for all things community, travel, new cultures, and film.
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    Shelley Sessoms

    Shelley Sessoms


    Online Community Manager Shelley Sessoms is an online community manager on the Digital Experience team at SAS.
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Thursday, Mar 19
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EDT)


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Blake Ethridge

Blake Ethridge


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