Building, Dismantling, and Re-using Community Initiatives over Time


Tuesday, Jan 30
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (PST)


707 SW Washington St, 11th Floor Portland97205

About this event

Building a successful Community program is a wonderful experience at the core of Community Management. What happens, however, when programs inevitably decline? This talk is about the equally important steps of eliminating outdated initiatives, deconstructing your favorite successes, and rebuilding from their foundations. Kara Sowles will take us through some  concrete examples from her 5 years at a single company, including: 

* a user group program growing from 5 groups to 70 worldwide (and what it looks like to scale back after all that growth),

* abandoning a series of 30/year one-day conferences, 

* remaking an online triage event into an online hack day, and more. 

We'll discuss the importance of having larger frameworks that you can plug programs into (and out of), and the experience of destroying your favorite programs to stay nimble. 

See you there!


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