CMX Founder David Spinks LIVE: a fireside chat on the power of community

Los Angeles

Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 2:00 – 4:00 AM UTC

CMX Founder and community guru David Spinks joins CMX Series Los Angeles for an exclusive fireside chat in Santa Monica hosted by Justin Jones and Sensay.

About this event

From start-ups to large corporations, community has become the lifeblood of many of Los Angeles most successful businesses and each year more and more companies dedicate resources to launching community programs of their own. How do they do it?  How do you harness the power of community? How can you leverage your community's value when your community vision outgrows it's allocated resources? How can community become the infrastructure for success?

Pioneering successful community programs worldwide has become the life's work of our special guest, and personal hero, David Spinks.

David is the Founder of CMX, the hub for the international community industry. Forever fascinated by how technology can bring people together, he's been studying and building online communities since he was 13 years old.  With CMX, he spends every day working to study and advance the community industry, and to give community professionals the opportunity to thrive. He is a veritable guru of community architecture, community health, and community sustainability and growth. During this exclusive fireside chat we will touch on a number of important community topics, theories, and best practices.

Who is this Event For?

This event is for any community builder or aspiring community builder. It is also for anyone who is curious about what community might mean in an organizational context, whether you're a product manager, designer, community organizer, HR professional, or CEO.

What to Bring:

Willingness to meet a handful of new, interesting people and listen to new ideas. 

A note on the format:

This event will be a fireside chat between David and CMX's Justin Jones.

Justin is the Lead Organizer of CMX Los Angeles and a consultant out of Venice, CA.  Justin initially began his community work in the performing arts and production, but turned his attention to start-ups in early 2013.  Since then he has lead community, marketing, and biz dev programs for companies like RadPad, Bark'N'Borrow, Sensay, MedRepublic, Fearless Fig, Blur Social, and Underscore Films.

Bring your questions and curiosity, and we'll save plenty of time to answer your questions about community and its power!



Wednesday, June 14, 2017
2:00 AM – 4:00 AM UTC


2:00 AMArrive and Networking
2:30 AMFireside Chat + Q&A
3:30 AMNetworking

Featured Attendees

  • Harry Duran


  • Rafael Frensley


  • Chris Catania


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