Taking Your Community Skills To The Next Level

Thu, Apr 29, 2021, 1:00 PM (BST)


Thursday, Apr 29
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (BST)

About this event

Can you be a lot better at engagement?

Most community managers spend almost all of their time communicating. We create content, initiate and reply to discussions, and host events and activities. Yet we spend so little time thinking how we could be doing it better.

We rarely look back on our past posts and content to see what we can improve. The biggest wins often come from the smallest changes in how we engage our members.

Drawing upon proven principles from social psychology and practical examples, FeverBee’s Richard Millington will explain the best practices to motivate your community members, keep them engaged, and satisfy their desires.

What to expect from the event

We'll hear from FeverBee’s Richard Millington who will dive into the core principles of psychology to distil practical steps we can apply to improve how we engage our community members.

This talk will share the best examples of initiating and replying to discussions, motivating members to make their best contributions, and hosting content and events which truly matter.

Mid-way through the discussion, we'll head into a mini-workshop where we will be guided by Richard. Event participants will be invited to undertake reviewing engagement activities and applying good practice learned in the talk. 

By working together, we will identify practical changes that can be made to improve our engagement efforts and our engagement planning.

The session will wrap up with a chance to ask Richard questions.

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