Do It Right The First Time - with Sam Parnell, Digital Strategist at Measured Brilliance

Wed, Oct 28, 6:00 PM (GMT)

About this event

You've joined this session to learn from people who have been there, done it, and bought the T shirt, probably more than once!

Sam Parnell, a seasoned community manager, whose focus is events, talks about lessons she's learnt. This talk aims to help then next generation of community leaders to thrive and avoid time sucks and pitfalls. If you have any questions you'd like Sam to cover, she's keen for you reach out (she's available via LinkedIn).

We'll cover:

  • What's the Why?
  • Responsibilities
  • Audience Growth & Ownership
  • Sponsorship
  • When does it end?


  • Sam Parnell

    Sam Parnell

    Measured Brilliance

    Digital Strategist

    Known for her enthusiastic approach Sam Parnell is a digital strategy professional. As the industry develops, Sam's cross platform skills and creativity are kept sharp by managing talented teams including designers, developers, technical SEOs, PR professionals and content creators.

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  • When

    Wednesday, Oct 28
    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (GMT)


  • Ruth Cheesley

    Ruth Cheesley


    Mautic Project Lead

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