Community Contours : How to ride an unbeaten path?


Feb 12, 2022, 6:42 – 8:00 AM

Hear a curated panel talk about discovery & determination on their way to becoming Community Managers.

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About this event


Dr. Watson : Why these drum-rolls Sherlock?

Sherlock : The game CMX Connect India Chapter is ON, Watson

Sherlock and Dr. Watson have been members of CMX Connect since centuries. Are you? It's not late yet. Whether you are wondering about a career in community sciences or already have a rockstar resume, there is enough room for you. 


But, what happens in the CMX Connect community? We build for the builders.

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What's happening?


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"Community Contours : How to ride an unbeaten path?"

Hear a curated panel talk about discovery & determination on their way to becoming CMs

When? 12:12 PM on 12th February 2022 (notice the magic of 12 here!) 


Who are the panelists?πŸ‘₯πŸ‘₯

Arbab Usmani, CEO at Uppskill- If the D of internet is Digital, then A is for Arbab. Respected for his pioneering moves and mentorship, our panelist Arbab Usmani is everything Digital Marketing. UppSkill, a new generation learning solutions start-up keeps him the most busy as it's founder and CEO. His passion is training and consulting for which he has clients across sectors and geographies.

Annapoorna Venketaraman, Head of Advocacy & Community at Freshworks- Ana, as she is fondly called, loves two things the most - solving problems and building relationships. As Advocacy & Community Head of Freshworks, she gets to do both. Annaporna Venketaraman, has completed 10 years in making her customers happy and she believes the next decade is of Communities. And we completed bio dropping the chammach in the sambhar! "Music"


Who is hosting? 
This time the CMX India hosts want to do things differently. We have invited a fellow community builder Avani Parekh to host this discussion 

Avani Parekh, was recently Program Manager for Community Partnerships, North America at Facebook- Avani's middle name is Social. She has spent her career across both kinds of social as we know it - the world of social products and the world of social impact. For more than 15 years, she has enabled leadership and impact either as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. Snapcounsellors - counselling on snapchat, LoveDoctor - sexual health for youth & Facebook Community Partnerships are a few of her prominent stints.


This Saturday is a great day to learn something you knew new. We would have given you craft beers for greater motivation, but our panelists are so good at their craft that you won't miss the beers. Cheers!🌚🍻


Why is this happening?

Because we are now ready to discuss actionable stuff and move beyond why community? Oh, sexy community! CMX Connect India curates events that push off the regular ideas and regularises the pushed off ideas. This is a space for Community Managers by Community Managers for enabling action and acting as enablers for each other.


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  • Arbab Usmani



  • Annapoorna Venketaraman


    Head of Advocacy & Community


  • Avani Parekh

    Previously Facebook

    Program Manager for Community Partnerships, North America

Connect Host

  • Neha Agarwal

    Community Simplified

    Community Head, Indic Languages