Leveraging community criticism for growth and development

Oct 29, 2023, 4:00 – 6:00 PM


Family and friends serve as an important part of our lives, creating companionship and consultancy as we go through it. Community exists for this same purpose but tilted towards your career and development. This event aims to enable average community members to key into the power of community to create impactful consultancy on their career in feedbacks and positive criticism.

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About this event

This creates an opportunity for members to build a community presence and sustain career development and networks in the long run.

Family and friends play an irreplaceable role in our lives, offering comfort and counsel as we journey through life. However, there's another layer to our social connections – the power of community, and it's uniquely oriented positive impact towards professional growth and personal development. The event we have in the works has a singular aim: to empower everyday community members to tap into the transformative potential of collective wisdom, directing it toward valuable career feedback and constructive criticism. By participating in this event, you're essentially stepping into a realm where your peers become catalysts for your growth, where career-focused conversations lead to profound insights. This isn't just about a one-time exchange of ideas; it's about nurturing a lasting, mutually beneficial support system that propels your career and personal development to new heights. It's a journey that promises not only personal growth but also a flourishing network for the long haul.


  • Fabusuyi Oluwatobi


    Product Designer

Connect Hosts

  • Abdulaziz Akanbi


    Connect Director

  • Ayoku Alaran

    CMX Connect Ilorin

    Team member

  • Muhammad Abubakar

    Kuagi Resources

    Team member

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