Community Pros - Online Lunch!


Jun 21, 2023, 10:30 – 11:30 AM

The goal is to catch up on the progress of our respective communities, share about any challenges we are facing, experiments we've tried out, lessons and tricks we've learned, and help each other grow in a friendly atmosphere :)

About this event

The idea is to break bread with other people who work in Community and share our experiences.

Learning about other communities, about strategies and tactics, about challenges one might currently be facing, what solutions or tactics were recently tried and had success with, etc.

The idea stems from wanting to have more opportunities to meet other community builders, and share stories around the proverbial camp fire and learn from one another in a friendly setting.

That's it! Bring your lunch and a community friend if you'd like!

Full disclosure: tthis is an experiment! Let's see how it goes :) And thanks to our friends at Led by Community & CMX - Berlin Chapter for boosting the signal!

Connect Host

  • Hugo Paquin

    Head of partnerships