Conflict Resiliency Roundtable:

Jul 26, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Conflict Resiliency

Friday, July 26, 9am PT Join Dr. Ruth Diaz and Molli Aronce for a weekly roundtable on common online conflicts faced by Community Managers. Next topic: TBA (See Event Description for Potential Topics) Participate in an open discussion and innovate on best practices together! Also, check out our new conflict resiliency community:

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About this event

Join Dr. Ruth Diaz, social scientist, and Molli Aronce, community management consultant, as they host weekly roundtable discussions about the top online conflicts Community Managers face regularly. Each roundtable will be an hour long open discussion centered around the week's topic. The next weeks topic will be decided by attendees. All are welcome to participate in this rich conversation. Let's innovate on best practices together! Join our conflict resiliency community:

The list of conflicts we are covering in the coming weeks: 

Off-Topic Posts: Members consistently post content that is not relevant to the community’s focus, leading to clutter and frustration among other members.

Harassment or Bullying: A member or a group of members engage in harassment or bullying of another member, creating a toxic environment.

Inappropriate Content: A member posts content that violates the community guidelines, such as explicit material or hate speech.

Overly Promotional Content: Members excessively promote their own products, services, or personal agendas, which can annoy other members and detract from the community's purpose.

Privacy Concerns: A member shares another person’s personal information without consent, leading to privacy violations and potential legal issues.

Member Clashes: Two or more members have a public disagreement or argument that escalates, affecting the overall community atmosphere

(7/19/24) Moderation Disputes: Members disagree with decisions made by the moderators, such as post deletions or bans, which can lead to public complaints and debates about fairness and transparency.

(7/9/24) Misinformation Spread: A community member spreads incorrect information that could mislead other members or harm the community’s reputation.

(7/2/24) Exclusionary Behavior: Certain members might create cliques that exclude others based on criteria that aren’t aligned with the community’s inclusive values.

6/25/24) Trolling: Individuals join the community not to contribute meaningfully but to provoke or upset other members through inflammatory comments.


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