Summit Shine 2023

CMX Summit 2023: Shine


OCT 4 - 5, 8:00 AM (PDT)

O C T O B E R 4 - 5 R S V P N O W ! ✦ O C T O B E R 4 - 5 ✦ R S V P N O W ! ✦ O C T O B E R 4 - 5 ✦ R S V P N O W ! ✦ O C T O B E R 4 - 5

About this event

Calling ALL community builders:

Join us for the upcoming CMX Summit 2023 on Wednesday, October 4th - Thursday, October 5th, to shine and take your community to new heights!

Our mission at CMX is to advance the community industry and help professional community builders thrive. This year, our focus is on helping you and your community SHINE, and we're excited to welcome you to two days of insightful conversations, dynamic presentations, and plenty of opportunities to connect with other community builders like you.

You'll leave with the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to make your community shine like never before. So mark your calendar for October 4-5th, and let's unlock your community's full potential together!


The Future of Community

We will showcase how our communities positively impact business goals and revenue, get curious about community health indicators beyond engagement, and build up our shared language to move toward shared standardizations across communities.

Embrace Co-Creation

Empower your community members and your organization to build with you so that your community’s growth, vibrancy, & engagement is owned by all.

We will investigate how community practitioners and participants can come together to build a more viable and sustainable network.

Build Belonging & Sustainability

There is a pressing need for conversations that lead to change. Creating communities with a foundation of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice is the path to creating inclusive, thriving, and enduring spaces and networks.

Learn how to start the conversation and take action in your community.

Pre-Summit Workshops

For over a decade, FeverBee has transformed hundreds of communities by developing a data-driven community management system. We don’t just collect data for reports, we use data to prioritise our actions, optimise what we do, and systematically improve performance. At CMX, FeverBee founder Richard Millington will be hosting a workshop to teach you the key principles and processes you can use to make data-driven improvements in your communities. This workshop will provide participants with the ability to systematically increase engagement, prove their worth, and design a data-driven community strategy. This first workshop will include:

  • Key processes for using data in strategic decision-making.

  • How to optimise and prioritise your tactics based on your metrics.

  • Best-in-class methods for analysing and improving community value.

  • Metrics and methodologies to gather, analyse, and utilise community data.

  • Benchmarks for determining what is and isn’t working in a community.

  • A full overview of a data-driven community management system.

  • Setting realistic targets for improving a community.

If you’re not sure what to focus on to achieve the biggest impact or struggle to make sense of an overwhelming amount of data - this workshop is for you. Register now as limited seats are available!

Those who can only attend virtually will be able to register for free closer to the event date. Registration is currently open for those who can attend in-person.

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O C T O B E R 4 - 5 R S V P N O W ! ✦ O C T O B E R 4 - 5 ✦ R S V P N O W ! ✦ O C T O B E R 4 - 5 ✦ R S V P N O W ! ✦ O C T O B E R 4 - 5

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CMX Summit blends a premium community experience with opportunities to learn from thought leaders, connect with peers, and highlights those who are making an impact in the community industry.

Our sponsorships align your brand’s message with the aim of empowering community professionals so that they can thrive in their own communities.

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Scaling with Community Led Growth

O C T O B E R 4 - 5 R S V P N O W ! ✦ O C T O B E R 4 - 5 ✦ R S V P N O W ! ✦ O C T O B E R 4 - 5 ✦ R S V P N O W ! ✦ O C T O B E R 4 - 5

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