The Best Video Tools for Community Managers

CMX Community Office Hours

Apr 13, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Discover some of the best video and live streaming tools for community managers.


About this event

Video can play a big role in the success or failure of a community. 

Join this event to learn how you can increase member engagement and share the impact of your community. We'll demonstrate:

  • Video editing software like Descript
  • Live streaming tools and platforms
  • How to create cheap and cheerful video updates for your community

This demo-style event will feature several presenters showing how they use video tools. And it could feature you, too. If you're interested in giving a 5-minute demo of your favorite video tool email me at


  • Jon Zucker


    Senior Technical Community Manager

  • Guillaume de Smedt


    Product Manager


  • Elijah van der Giessen


    Community Manager