CMX #OfficeHours - Q&A - Time-Saving Tips for Community Managers

CMX Community Office Hours

Nov 3, 2021, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

CMX Community Office Hours This is a community-led event where you ask your CMX peers anything about community topics.

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About this event

Hello CMX Community!

Welcome to our November 3, 2021  CMX #OfficeHours  - Join us for a discussion on 

WHAT:  Time-Saving Tips for Community Managers

"I can't join your meeting because I'm busy!"
So many things to do.  So little time!

How do you cope with an ever-growing list of responsibilities, tasks, and to-dos?  And fit them in 8 hours or 40 hours, or not?
How do you define productivity? While trying to balance your commitments to your health, personal/family goals, and others?

Let's start with something simple...  Sharing time-saving tips that you have discovered in your work with communities. It could be as simple as eliminating an unproductive activity or using tech tools.

What worked for you, may work for others.
Let's #LearnTogether from each other.   Yes?!  Let's go!

WHY:   Because one way to avoid stress is to optimize the way we work, and use time-saving strategies to accomplish our goals.  There is also a lot of new and innovative tools these days, so let's discuss which ones have helped you.

PANELIST:   none.  All participants are invited to share their tips and experiences on time-saving tips!

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#OfficeHours is similar to a Question and Answer session. ASK US ANYTHING ABOUT Community topics:  This is your chance to ask us anything related to #community.  Whether you are new to community or an experienced professional -- tell us your challenges, concerns, questions about community management!  We pick one topic per month and we invite experts to discuss these topics with you during Question and Answer format.  Consider this a short group-mentoring session. We want to help you flourish and succeed at work, so join us!   If you have other questions, feel free to message @TinaAmper or @Claire Smith. 

VOLUNTEER:  If you are an experienced CM professional with knowledge of this topic, please join and volunteer to help answer questions.   We don't always know the answers but we sure can discuss our way out of trouble.  Right? Let's go!



Wednesday, November 3, 2021
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM UTC


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  • Claire Smith


    Manager, Learner Success

  • Tina Amper

    Community Management Institute