CMX #OfficeHours - Q&A - How to Re-engage Members

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Sep 8, 2021, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

CMX Community Office Hours This is a community-led event where you ask your CMX peers anything about community topics.

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Hello CMX Community!

Welcome to our September 8, 2021 CMX #OfficeHours  - Join us for a

WHAT:  Discussion and Q&A about "How to Re-engage Members"

One of the biggest challenges for Community Managers is to address churn, or the rate of attrition, or the rate of people leaving your community or becoming inactive, or non-contributing.  

How do you address this issue in your communities? Why do members leave? What are the strategies that have worked for you in getting them to re-engage?

WHY:   A productive, vibrant community needs participation and contributions from many of its members.  Without it, the community may have a difficult time meeting its goals and objectives.  It's also a cycle:  if the community is lacking in energy or benefits, then members may not find as much value as they want and leave.  This is a concern for the company or sponsor of the community.

 "Reducing customer churn is important because it is much less expensive to retain existing customers than it is to acquire new customers – earning business from new customers means working leads all the way through the sales funnel, utilizing your marketing and sales resources throughout the process. Customer retention, on the other hand, is generally more cost-effective as you’ve already earned the trust and loyalty of existing customers." - Source:


Judy Garvey, Community Success at Chaordix

ARTICLES related to this topic:

How to Re-engage Inactive Community Members by Beth McIntyre and Mary Green. CMX

Every Member Has ‘Tells’ That Help You Increase Engagement by Richard Millington, Feverbee
Creating a Community Commitment Curve by Carrie Melissa Jones


#OfficeHours is similar to a Question and Answer session. ASK US ANYTHING ABOUT Community topics:  This is your chance to ask us anything related to #community.  Whether you are new to community or an experienced professional -- tell us your challenges, concerns, questions about community management!  We pick one topic per month and we invite experts to discuss these topics with you during Question and Answer format.  Consider this a short group-mentoring session. We want to help you flourish and succeed at work, so join us!   If you have other questions, feel free to message @TinaAmper or @Claire Smith. 

VOLUNTEER:  If you are an experienced CM professional with knowledge of this topic, please join and volunteer to help answer questions.   We don't always know the answers but we sure can discuss our way out of trouble.  Right? Let's go!


  • Judy Garvey


    Community Success Manager



Wednesday, September 8, 2021
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM UTC


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  • Claire Smith


    Manager, Learner Success

  • Tina Amper

    Community Management Institute