AMA with Karan Nijhawan - How To Craft Gatherings That Connect

Thu, Feb 18, 6:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Karan runs, a company focused on building engaging virtual events for teams to uncover hidden growth opportunities in your business, strengthen team relationships, and reduce your turnover rate. He's learnt how to transform virtual events into an experience that truly connects people.

Karan also runs the Human To Human podcast, where he explores deep conversations to help strengthen our human-to-human connections. 

Bring Karan your questions about:

  • How to craft an event that truly connects
  • His framework for virtual dinners that creates vulnerability and a space for your guests to feel like their authentic selves.
  • How you can apply his methods in your own communities and workplaces to forge deeper relationships
  • And more!


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