Connecting Communities with Brands Seamlessly & Authentically

Apr 18, 10:30 – 11:30 AM

Berlin ->

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About this event

The Berlin Chapter is thrilled to host our next lunch time discussion with Reddit's Community Partnership Manager, Gustave Sauveroche.

Gustave is a seasoned community professional who's grown international communities at scale in the social media space. Most recently he's been working with one of the world's most popular and OG online communities, Reddit. Join this talk to hear about his experience in building trust and creating an authentic collaboration between brands and communities. The most notable brand collabs he'll discuss are with the NFL, and Bloomberg.

Here are some key points he'll touch on:

1. Why starting with 'what the community wants' is crucial

2. The wonderful sweet spot where community & brand meet

3. Why authenticity and trust always win

Connect Hosts

  • Joanna Buchmeyer


    Head of Community

  • Jennifer Serrat



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