Community Consulting Roundtable


Thu, May 12, 4:00 PM (UTC)

The community industry is booming these days, and the skills of community professionals are becoming more and more sought after. Join the CMX Connect Berlin Chapter in a roundtable discussion exploring what the life of a community consultant looks like. If you're serious and want to move forward in this direction, or simply curious, all are welcome to join this event!

About this event

Community Consultant Roundtable Information:

There are a lot of community professionals out there who either want a side gig on top of their full-time work, or they want to have more freedom and not be tied to one company. This is where consulting comes in. This roundtable discussion will bring together current consultants alongside  those who want to be consultants, in order to share info and resources on how to become a consultant and what working life looks like. Here are the topics we'll discuss:


1.) Understanding the difference between Freelance and Consulting

2.) How to land consulting gigs

3.) How to be successful and confident once on the job.

4.) Understanding the scope of the work expected from a consultant

4.) How to use your first project to get your next project

5.) Open Q+A from attendees


  • Ilker Akansel

    Community Manager & Strategist

  • Katie Ray


    Community Manager

  • Yurii Lazaruk

    Sales Hero Community


  • Deb Schell

    Find Calm Here



  • Jen Serrat




  • Joanna Buchmeyer


    Head of Community

Connect Hosts

  • Joanna Buchmeyer


    Head of Community

  • Jennifer Serrat



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