CMX Series Berlin #5 - The Community Manager's toolbox

Mindspace Krausenstraße - Krausenstraße 9-10 Berlin, 10117
Nov. 22, 2017, 6:30 p.m.

About this event

Finding the right platform to manage, grow and engage your community can look like a tricky challenge. As the CMX Guide to community platforms shows, there is an ever-increasing number of online tools available to manage and communicate with your members, and build up directories, forums or knowledge bases to allow them to connect and exchange with one another; some of these tools can even be combined or integrated. Many tools offer free versions, yet they all represent a significant investment: be it only the time you will spend implementing, managing and animating the chosen platform(s). 

So - where to start? What to keep in mind while picking up the tools you will use? Which tools can provide the highest possible value to your early members, while enabling the growth of your community? Which tools are more appropriate for the specific kind of community you are building and the kind of services and features you want to offer your members? How to articulate different free tools to build a complex platform at low cost?

We're inviting a few expert community builders who will share hands-on insights on how they managed to build vibrant communities, by "hacking" and combining a set of free (or affordable) online tools. The format of the evening will provide room for Q&A, and discussions with other fellow community professionals.


Severin Matusek

Severin Matusek

Founder @ co-matter

. Severin Matusek is the founder of co-matter, a platform that explores what makes communities thrive. He works with companies worldwide to help people better connect, share and create. Most recently Severin helped EyeEm build their community of 22 million photographers, micropayment service Flattr re-launch their product and Techfestival bring 16.000 people to Copenhagen this September.
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Pauline Roussel

Pauline Roussel

Co-founder @ Coworkies

Pauline is the co-founder of Coworkies - a global platform connecting professionals across coworking spaces. She is also one of the co-initiator of the Startup Berlin Slack Group, a free Slack chat for people interested in the Berlin startup scene. Lastly, she is one of the French Tech Ambassador in Berlin, supporting French Startup in settling here in Berlin.
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Kristoffer Tjalve

Kristoffer Tjalve

Head of meetups @ Techfestival

Kristoffer helps companies and cultural organisations fund, develop and accelerate new projects. He helped build CPH:DOX’s profile on technology, Mosaik’s efforts on digital learning and branding, and initiated BeTech, Belgium’s largest community for entrepreneurs. Most recently he worked on enabling 400+ co-creators to build the first edition of Techfestival.
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Nov. 22, 2017
6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.


Mindspace Krausenstraße
Krausenstraße 9-10 Berlin10117

Connect Host

Denise Henkel

Denise Henkel

Denise Henkel Community Consulting


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