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The primary goal of CMX Connects Delhi is to foster connections among community professionals, facilitating opportunities for learning and growth. By bringing together various communities, including startups, IT tech communities, and others, under one roof, this initiative aims to create a synergistic environment where knowledge exchange and collaboration can flourish.

Given the potential benefits of participation in CMX Connects Delhi, including networking opportunities, access to diverse perspectives, and professional development resources, it is recommended that our organization actively engage with and support this initiative. By joining CMX Connects Delhi, we can contribute to and benefit from a vibrant ecosystem of community builders, innovators, and thought leaders. 

CMX Connects Delhi is one chapter of a global events series. Our goal is to bring community professionals together in person, to connect, learn, and grow! Join us!

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Upcoming events

23 avr. 2024

Virtual Connect

Building Purposeful Communities with Michelle

What does it mean to build a community with purpose? It is not just about bringing people together but about fostering a sense of belonging, engagement, and shared purpose among members.

25 avr. 2024

CMX HQ Conference - Tickets

CMX Summit 2024

The Conference for Community Building

Past events

Virtual Connect

Empowering Community Managers: Strategies for Personal and Professional Growth

CMX Connect

Session 3: Aaron Weiss' Guide to Tripling Event Attendance

Virtual Connect

Maximizing Potential through Unlocking Possibilities and Building Opportunities

Virtual Connect

Tech Together: Building Communities & Networking



Tarun Gupta

Chapter Director
Vivaansh Consulting Private Limited


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